So – if you’ve come to this page, you’re probably searching for a professional accountant, i.e. a CPA.

Which is GREAT, because that I am.  However, as you can probably tell from this website, I am NOT great at creating websites!  I try to keep the costs in my firm as low as possible, so in turn, I can charge my clients less.  Which I’m sure you’ll agree is admirable…however, I’m butchering this whole website thing!  I refuse to pay someone to build this, because among the many traits of an accountant, being an overly frugal OCD control freak strictly forbids it! 🙂  I am starting to think paying $2 thousand may not that unreasonable though…

I hope that in time, I become comfortable with widgets (funny to find out those are real things and not just a made up product for accounting textbooks!), SEO’s, and the like.  For now, I’m just focused on getting my accounting services and qualifications out on the “intrawebs” for everyone to trip upon….so please, excuse my lack of website building skills.  I PROMISE I won’t offer to make one for your business!!! 🙂

In the meantime, please check out the About Me page and send me a message on the Contact Us page so I can see what I really can help you with.

God bless, 

Stephanie, AKA, The Sassy Tax Advisor



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